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CNY photos

We win top 1 in 2017 LNY Mannequin Challenge!

Well done 102! This is first time we win top 1,but not the last time! Continue to work hard!Continue to win!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Homework 24 January

Hello Everyone, this is the Homework for today.
Language Arts/ English: 11 text annotation.
Math: Complete Spreadsheet from your own copy and submit in google classroom
Science: Complete google classroom work : Science cell model activity video and Arcticle reading , are Viruses alive.
HCL: Complete 第二课词语测验,浏览式阅读+审题 练习
ADMT: Complete worksheets and bring LD with colouring materials.
I&E: Bring Macbook.

Dress Code for LNY Celebration Day

•Students are strongly encouraged to dress in any shades of red. •No inappropriate language or picture should form any part of the T-shirt design. Tops •No baring of midriff. •No strapless tops. •No singlet or spaghetti straps. Bottoms: •Skirts should not be more than 3 fingers above knee caps.
•No shorts and hot pants are allowed.

MTV by S1-02

This is the MTV that we showed and created on Friday during the badge night presentation.Shows everyone in S1-02. Enjoy !

camp photos

102 term 1 timetable

Camp Schedule

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts