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Homework over the weekend

Paper 2 (Do at your own time, answers will be published in Google Classroom

Paper 2 (Complete if you have not done so)

Fill up Science Notes(Environmental Conservation from slides)
Environmental Conservation Homework
Environmental Science Paper 2


Paper 1 and Paper 2 


Complete slides(If you have not completed and presented)


21/9 Homework

21/9 Homework Geography 
Presentation Slides (Due: Friday)
Mother Tongue  Chinese:-)
Higher Chinese:-)
作文 mindmap (at least do the first one)
Malay:-) Corrections
Mock Test

Higher Malay:-)
Pembetulan Karangan Kertas 1.

ADMT  Work on your 3M Project: by 22 September
I&E Hand up all the slides, product and stuff.
Science Environmental Science ( Environmental Conservation) Worksheet
Exam Paper (2016)

2016 EOY paper.

20/9 Homework

Presentation Slides (Due: Friday)
Mother Tongue  Higher Chinese: Chinese 一课一测 Worksheet (Due Tomorrow), 活动本 Pg 23-33 (Due Next Tuesday) 
Chinese: Worksheet 

I&E Submit your slides, digital posters, apps etc
ADMT  Work on your project (Due Date: 22 September) 

2015 Mathematics Paper 1

19/9 Homework

IRS: IRS Self-Reflection form
CL: 考试卷第一题 Find an advertisement, take a photo and say what is fact and opinion.
HCL: 学第二十课的听写 完成第二十课的习字和第二十一课的笔记(若无完成)
Geography: Do geography slides on respective forms of energy. (Presentation starts on Friday)
ADMT: Check the checklist shared by Mrs Ong
Reminders:  1) We will be returning the microbit tomorrow. Remember to bring it. 2) The last 4 groups for I and E will be presenting tomorrow. Those 4 please prepare.

13/9 Homework

13/9 Homework/ Weekend Homework

Practice by answering questions on Google Classroom (Optional) 

Mother Tongue
Higher Chinese: Homework on Google Classroom 
Higher Malay/Malay: Practice paper 1 (By tomorrow Thursday, hand in to Hakimi)
Chinese: Worksheet

Self Study on Arduino (More info on Google Classroom) 

Finish your slides if you have not presented 

Complete your project (Slides, Video, Infographic) Due: Next Tuesday

Science Slides Presentation

Note: Tomorrow is EE Camp! Come in school uniform. 

12/8 Homework

Peer Evaluation form (By today)
Individual Reflection (Will do next week but can do beforehand)

第十四课 comprehension

完成课后习题pg 83
如果买作文书,明天交 $7.50

No information received yet

Animated Infographic
Any thing else you need to do

For people going Semakau tomorrow, please remember to submit the form.

September Holiday Homework

Situational Writing "Seeking Witnesses Over Am Incident At The Eco-Pond" Browse through Situational Writing Worksheets before writing 
Annotate all Term 3 Readings (Reading 1-9)

Complete Health Science End-Of-Year Examination 
Complete Physics Revision Worksheets for Physical Quantities, Measurements & Units 

Complete Unit 15: Direct and Inverse Proportion Worksheet 
Complete Direct Inverse Proportion Worksheet Assignment 15.1 
Complete Direct and Inverse Proportion Notes 

Mother Tongue 
CL: Workbook(1B) 第六单元,16页-27页
HCL: Complete 作文5 (情境作文), 看教学视频(to study) 
ML: Malay Paper 1 and 2 

Update your iBook, due 10 September 2017, 23 59

3M Challenge Project: Work on Prototype, Sketchup Model, Story Board, Animated Infographics 
ADMT Studio is Openon Wednesday and Thursday (6&7 September) Do go back if necessary!

Complete Interdisciplinary Research Project: Introduction, Slides, Infographic (Due Term 4 Week 1) 

Complete "How High is My Building…

29/7 Homework

IRS: Finish up project and hand up by next lesson
Deliverables -Infographic -iBook/Google Slides -Video
CL:  九月假期功课:Workbook (1B)第六单月,从第16页做到27页
HCL: 作文
Science: Transportation Science paper Health Science paper

iBook (Ms Lee will be marking EVERYTHING)

Homework 25/8

1. Submit Literature Review if you have not by 9 p.m. tonight.
2. Finish your eyewitness video.

1. Submit your AA by today, 23 59 hours.

1. 完成一课一侧 (如果没做完)
2. 活动本单元二,下星期二交。
3. 学听写十九。

1. Animated Infographics
2. Design Journal
3. Blueprint.

1. Update your iBook, due 10th September 2359 hours.

Homework 24/8

Homework 24/8 Geography
iBook Author: 20 September Submission (Submit PDF and iBook Author Format)
Higher Chinese:
笔记 19 活动本 星期二交 课本 71页
Malay Language :  Kertas Kefahaman: Buat Isi dan huraian untuk soalan 5 dan 6 Ulasan Artikel Kosa kata

I&E Work on Group Presentation 
ADMT Work on ADMT Project (Data Visualisation) Complete the slides
Math Work on Math AA (Due Date: Friday) if 100% submission= Release of LT2 marks

Homework 23/8

Geography iBook Author: 20 September Submission (Submit PDF and iBook Author Format)
Mother Tongue HCL:  Learn 第18课听写 笔记19 (Not Due tomorrow)  HML/ML:  Mutiara Kata (Tomorrow) Ulasan Artikel (Thursday, 24 August)
ICT How High is Your House? Google Classroom (Submit by next week.) 
I&E Work on Group Presentation 

ADMT Work on ADMT Project 
Math Work on Math AA (Due Date: Friday)
English Work on English Group LIT Review (Due Date: Friday)

22/8 Homework

听写 17 tomorrow. Revise

ADMT: Complete the following by Thursday: -Journal slides (Up to the prototyping slide) -Measurements and materials required -Infographic -Animated infographic (if possible) -Sketchup design (if possible)
IRS: Whatever your group is doing this week (By next week Tuesday)

15/8 Homework

CL: 听录影回答问题, 把答案录下来

HCL: 完成 Google Sides 上的口试练习

ML: Ulasan Artikel, Kata Kata Mutiara, Kosa Kata

ADMT: Do and finish the Google Slides on data

EL: Do Group Literature Review and complete draft by Friday

Math: Do Math AA

Homework 11/8

Maths: 1. Complete Worksheet 12.2
Science: 1. Complete the Level Test practice paper.

Geography: 1. Complete your group task and submit on Google Classroom. (For groups assigned to skits.) 2. Complete your Kahoot quizzes and slides. (For those remaining groups.)

(Sorry for the late post.)

National Day celebration

Homework 4/8

English :
1. Complete your Literature Review by next Friday, 11th August. Maths:
1. Complete LT 2016 by next Monday, 7th August. Science :
1. Complete the Practical worksheet (Graph) . By Monday, 7th August. Geography :
1. Complete your group work. Due 18th August. HCL:

Homework for 3 August

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English:
1. Paste your draft into the final(graded) draft 
1. Complete 12.1
Science:  Finish the graph (practical worksheet)

2/8 Homework

2/8 Homework 

Mother Tongue

ML: Ulasan Artikel
Kosa Kata
Kata Kata Mutiara
CL: Email Writing

HCL: 完成词语测验17,明天交
English  Complete your Journal Writing (Write your thoughts on the latest short story we received) English Literature Review (Due Date: 11 August)
I&E Digital Poster (Due Date: 7 August)  Presentation Slides 
Take Note: There is a Sketch-up Test tomorrow, during ADMT (Watch the tutorials). Bring a Mouse for ADMT! 

1/8 Homework

Chinese worksheet

Groupwork for presentation starting next week. Refer to Google Classroom for tasks.

Ulasan Artikel
Kosa Kata
Kata Kata Mutiara

默写 on Friday

Worksheet on plant nutrition if incomplete

2015 paper if incomplete

Homework 28/7

1. Complete Literature Review byMaths:
1. Complete 2017 LT2Science:
1. Complete your Science Performance Task by Monday, 31st July.HCL:
1. Geography Practice Assignment due Friday 4th August.

Homework 26/7

Homework 26/7Mother Tongue  ML: Article Analysis CL: 作文 Summary  HCL: Revise 课本16课,完成17课课本练习 
I&E Work on your Group Presentation (Every member has to present) Work on Underlying Causes document (Each problem has to have 4 solutions)
Revise! Level Test English will take place next week
Take Note: There is ADMT tomorrow, complete your scamper worksheet. Bring earphones for ADMT! Complete Math Assignment 1, due Tomorrow.  

Homework for Friday, 21st July 2017.

English :
1. Complete Comprehension Worksheet. Math :
1. Complete and bring Math worksheets 10.3-10.5 on Monday.
2. Complete the corrections given today, bring it on Monday. Science :
1. Complete your Performance Task. Refer to Mr Ng's email should you need the rubrics and instructions. Higher Chinese:
1. 把作文完成,星期二交上。

Homework 19/7

Geography Complete Fieldwork Slides 
Tidy up you iBook Chapter 3 (Add in screenshots from Fieldwork Slides)
Complete infographic 

Mother TongueHCL : Complete Page 2-3 逗号
CL : Chinese Worksheet 课文理解问答

I&EComplete Idea Generation Template (Come up with solutions)
EnglishComplete Summary Writing (Binge-Eating Passage)
Take note: Tomorrow's Math lesson will be ADMT. Remember to complete your ADMT 3M challenge Slides (Check Google Classroom for details). Complete Math worksheet 10.3-10.5(due Friday). 

S1-02 American Touch Teams

Dear S1-02,
the following few days are the inter-class games. They will be held during recess. As said in class, some teams have changed. Your team mates will not change, only your group number will change. Please check the google spreadsheet to check your team and competition timing. Please READ THROUGH everything written as they are the game rules.
By: S102 House Reps

Homework for 13 July 2017

Maths: Data Handling  Mindmap Corrections

Mother Tongue
E-mail Writing (by next Tuesday, 18/7)AA (by next Friday, 21/7)
Integrated Humanities/ Geography:
Climograph: Question 2-5 (if not done) Chapter 3-1 Fieldwork Grouping (by 17/7)
PT (by next Friday)Worksheet (by next lesson)

Google Classroom: Until Slide 28 (Measure of Success)

Good luck! ;)

12/7 Homework

Homework 12/7Geography
Geography: Complete Chapter 3 Slides
Geography Fieldwork
Geography Google Document Chart on Climate

English Congress Poster (By Friday Morning)

Mother Tongue
Peta minda untuk penulisan diari (13/7)
HCL: Learn Lesson 14 Spelling, 第15课习字

I&E I&E Homework on Google Classroom

Take Note: Remember to complete ADMT homework (Mindmap, design journal) and Math Worksheet 10.2 and corrections for other Math worksheets.

11/7 Homework

HML: Read up an article in from Infohub and write a report on it in Google Classroom

HCL: Vocabulary test(词语测验)

Geography: Complete climograph questions 2 to 5 and if you can the slides.

Science: Finish up notes on page 12 (the 6 blanks) if you have not done so

Homework 29/6

English :
1. Answer the questions given by Mr Noor at the back of your journal.
Due tomorrow, 30th June.

1.  Worksheet 9.4
2. Worksheet 9.5
Due next Thursday, 6th July

1. Environment Science Notes Pages 5 & 6.
2. Review Page 7 of the Environment Science Notes

1. Complete Chapter 1 slides, copy over to iBook.
2. Watch the videos in the slides, note down details. Take a photo of notes and place it in your Photo Gallery  "2017 S1 IH".
3. Read up on Chapter 1 if you have not. 

1. 完成第十三课的笔记。

Homework 28/6

1. 第十一课习字 2. 阅读报告 Science:
1. Presentation on the Animal Kingdom designated.
2. Fill in the notes characteristics for the section your group is assigned to. Geography:
1. Complete Chapter 1 slides, copy over to iBook.
2. Watch the two videos in the slides, note down details. Take a photo of notes and place it in gallery "2017 S1 IH".
3. Read up on Chapter 1 if you have not.

Homework 27/6

Finish the slide
Finish the slide, screenshot and paste onto geog ibook
Work on geog ibook
Read pg 2-23
Work on your slides with your team
Finish your group's introduction
Finish Chinese AA if you have not done so

Term 3 timetable

Welcome back to SST in Term 3, 2017!

Gentle reminder for all students to be appropriately groomed when you report for school on 27 Jun, Tuesday (Monday, 26 Jun is a Public Holiday!). There will be a attire and grooming check during morning assembly.
Male Students Hair must be short and neatly combed Clean-shaven(notallowedtokeepfacialhairsuchasbeards,long side-burnsormoustaches) Female Students – Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied up Simple hair accessories such as hand bands, hair clips may be worn Long fringe should be clipped up Fingernails must be kept clean, short and unvarnished Attire worn must be clean and neatly pressed with no holes, tears or frayed areas.

Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework?For Reference?
1)Meth (Big WS about graphs)
2)Geog (Ibook)
3)English (Situational and compo, Visual text, compre.)
4)CL book slide stuff?
5)HCL (???????)

P.S. My info may be wrong.
P.P.S. Subject to changes.
P.P.P.S. Why did no one post holiday HW?
P.P.P.P.S. Put in comments HW i missed, And HCL hw.
Yer boi,
Not axios,

RANDOM FACT! (cos ynot)
P.S. means postscript, P.P.S. means postquam-post-scriptum and P.P.P.S. means post post post scriptum etc.

Common Test Top Scorers(I apologise for the incredibly late post)

Common Test Top Scores and Top 3 ScorersOverall:
1) Zowie 69.7✌️
2) David 69.1✌️
3) Yadira 68✌️

Subject Top Scorers:
English: Ryan✌️
Higher Chinese: Zowie✌️
Chinese: Yan En✌️
Malay: Aiysah✌️
Higher Malay: Nadrah✌️
Integrated Humanities: David✌️
Mathematics: Kang Jing✌️
Science: David✌️

Congratulations to all the names above!
Once again I apologise for the incredibly late post.


Hi everyone! Please be aware that from next week, your holidays will start. please have fun and take a break but also remember to study for the new chapters. Thanks!

Yo boi,

18 May schedule